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ROSH was established in early 2000’s by a well-known professional in the field Dr. Khachaturyan and is primarily a skin health institution. We have been helping people, successfully treating and improving quality of life for our patients for over two decades and counting. We consider dermatology to be our main specialty and take it very seriously. Even though there are many beauty salons in Moscow, not everywhere you will find such level of dedication and personal approach to each and every patient as in ROSH. All our medical personnel are certified doctors with many years of experience in the field.

ROSH Medical Center in Moscow


We deal with the skin as a single organ – starting from diagnostics. Involvement of an endocrinologist, gynecologist, deep immunological diagnostics is considered if need be, right there at our facility. We guide our patients until the completion of the treatment process and the consolidation of the results. Here at ROSH, we insist that skin needs to be treated starting from the very root of the issue. We do not try to mask problems with temporary fixes. For example: a laser can temporarily improve the condition of the skin, but the issue will likely still be there, and it will come back again, because the disease itself has not been treated properly. That is why here at ROSH we always take a complex approach to deal with your needs. It might seem like it is a more complicated solution at first, but we are strongly convinced that in the long run it is the only right one, because it takes care of the root of the issue and results stay with you. After we will establish this “baseline” for your now healthy skin we can start and think about improving anything you are not happy about with your body. Again, our specialists will be there for you, to help guide you and figure out the best and the most cost-effective way forward. We dedicate ourselves to be the best we can be not only in the quality of medical care but also in all aspects of our work, and hopefully you will be able to see it for yourselves next time you’d decide to visit us. Our doors are always open, and we will always be there for you.

ROSH Medical Center in Moscow


Rostovskaya Embankment, 5, entrance from the street

The nearest metro station is Kievskaya or Smolenskaya